About the blog

Redefining what is means to be a millennial–harnessing the vision and power of the generation of the future. Today, women have more access to the workplace than ever before. That being said, the challenges we face on a daily basis of navigating through a “man’s world” are more prevalent than ever. Women today still battle the same stereotypes and societal norms that they were battling 20 years ago. For many women, we are still asking the same questions and trying to figure out how to have it all. Not So Millennial aims to provide guidance to ambitious professional women and help navigate them through their career from entry level to C-suite. This is a forum to drive conversation, provoke thought and challenge the status quo.

About megab

Gabrielle is a young professional starting her career in sales operations while finishing her degree in public relations at Kent State University. She is very passionate about women’s empowerment and extremely career focused. As she continues her transition from student to young adult in corporate America, she finds the realities of being a woman are all too real, even in 2017. As a writer, communicator and passionate advocate, Gabrielle created Not So Millennial Girl as an open forum to speak with her fellow girl gang! Here she will discuss the challenges millennials face, address the harsh realities of being a young millennial woman navigating the career world and drive conversation and mentorship with the courageous women who walked the much rockier path before us.